Agile Computer System Validation (CSV) and Software Life Cycle Management

In the age of digitalization, agile software development meets heterogeneous IT landscape. How do you ensure for instance the stability of the production and at the same time enable faster releases so as not to lose the market connection? Together with you, we develop your tailor-made IT processes, which meet all regulatory CSV requirements as well as the flexibility for the required speed of agile development.

Our solutions

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  • Agile Computer System Validation and Verification (GAMP5/ IEC 626604/ 82304)

  • Development of strategy for Qualification and Validation of Digital Health Platforms

  • Development of IT strategies in order to lay the foundations for the transition to the digital age

  • Support to establish new forms of work and organization, such as DevOps, Kanban, Scrum, SaFE, LESS etc., in your IT department.  


Profit from our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Computer System Validation for the Medical Device as well as the Pharmaceutical industry. We will support you throughout the whole process: from requirement engineering all the way to acceptance testing and deployment of your system!


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