Chief Executive Office & Founder

Tanja Rohark

After years in various global corporate positions and projects in the regulated life science and healthcare sector, I wanted to start a company that did not yet exist in such a form in this industry and stand out from competitors: An owner-managed Digital Health Strategy Advisory with a female CEO, which opens new ways in Quality & Compliance to drive digitalization in healthcare.


My vision is to transform the understanding of quality management with our lean and agile Quality Revolution methodology, and to firmly embed this revolutionary idea into our company culture as well. I wanted to create an open, diverse and modern work environment that aims to produce leaders at all levels. Therefore, from the very beginning, talent development through collegial coaching and individual training was particularly important to me. Agile working is the key to success for me, both with regard to our customers and our team. I wanted to offer our customers an honest and effective service, adapted to their actual needs, which is in line with our values. In my opinion, the corporate culture is the heart of every company, which is why our Values should guide every decision the company makes. 


With this vision and motivation, I founded Digital Chameleon GmbH on International Women's Day (08.03.2019) and can proudly say that this vision has already become a reality.