Chief Executive Office & Founder

Tanja Rohark

[My vast experience, acquired during almost two decades in the industry, has allowed me to witness daily just how competitive this sector has become.

Being future-ready sounds overused, but the dynamics of the Healthcare sector are such, that succeeding in implementing ambitious organization-wide change programs are key to staying relevant in competitive markets. Consequently we have a unique and agile approach to problem-solving, to adding value to every aspect of our clients’ operations.

Having successfully held diverse global corporate positions, implementing multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary projects, and programs, in the regulated Life Science and Health Sector as well as being highly-skilled at managing near-shore and/or off-shore teams across multiple locations, enabled me to acquire a deep knowledge and expertise within the field of Digital Healthcare.

Our deep knowledge and understanding covers key areas such as Digital Health, Compliance & Quality Management, Audit Management, Business Analysis and Requirements Engineering, Systemic Business Coaching Change Management, as well as a global IT and Business Transformation Programs

Our customer-focused approach paired with our motivation to always exceed expectations, allowed us to serve clients such as Fresenius, Roche, Lonza, Novartis, Sutter Medizintechnik and Altatec]