SEP. 28.2020

🏋️‍♀️ One of our [4] principles: Work Agile ♟️

At Digital Chameleon GmbH our 4 values guide each decision we make, serving as the path we`ll follow to achieve our mission & vision 💯. One of the most important and on the same time challenging value for us is: WORK AGILE 🤩.

We want to empower our employees to choose how, where and when they work 💪🏼. We believe that this freedom helps each team member to increase their productivity and responsibility 😍. We want to develop the talent of our employees – and don`t manage it. Therefore, we give everyone the autonomy to deliver their best service 🔝. For us, it’s a real win-win situation. As our employees gain more control over the way they work, our organisation Digital Chameleon GmbH becomes responsive and effective 🚀.

Agility not only means a different way of organizing a company, it’s also changing the understanding of leadership. CEO Tanja Rohark is an agile manager by heart ❤️. By exemplifying what WORK AGILE really means, she defines a transparent framework and process of how to work in a team with a high level of responsibility and commitment 👩🏼‍💻.


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