5 Lessons learned in 2020

2020 – what indeed a memorable year. It can surely be associated with tons of different descriptives but one thing is for sure: It surprised each single person on this earth and not necessarily in a good way. However 6 days out in this new year it´s time to leave 2020 behind and look forward, but before we are letting 2020 go, we wanted to reflect on what this challenging year has taught us as a company, as a team and as individuals.

1. Be always prepared but remain flexible

As pioneers of digital revolution and disruption in the healthcare field, new technologies and streamlined digitalized processes were and are an essential part of our day to day business. During the first lockdown phase we were luckily well prepared to seamlessly continue our daily operations and support our clients as usual. However this extraordinary situation taught us to be creative, open and flexible when it comes to unprecedent events that can´t neither be foreseen nor controlled.

2. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change

Obviously we were all submitted to drastic changes induced by uncontrollable external parameters. In our fast paced world these changes came as a shock. It almost felt the world had stopped turning and stood completely still. Instead of agonizing in this state, our team started exploring new ways. We grew in size but as well foremost in experience. We experimented with new approaches within our company structure, worked in cross functional teams, developed new product & services and got out of our comfort zone to explore new territories.

3. The bigger the dream the more important the team

This is actually not really a lesson learned but a lesson that really sunk in and became more important than ever in 2020. The pandemic subjected us all to challenges as a team and as individuals. It was of crucial importance to stand together, show empathy and patience for each other and the overall situation. But like all challenges and obstacles we came out stronger and more united than before to pursue our common company goals and vision.

4. Back to the essential

This was certainly also a common epiphany that we as society used to have so many options and choices before the pandemic that each of us felt a little overwhelmed at times. In our second business year, after the growing pains and usual startup challenges, we actually really got the chance and time to look at the essential. To the core and key factors that really make a difference and help us at Digital Chameleon to continue becoming a striving and innovative company within the field of Digital Healthcare. Within our various customer journey workshops we took on our customers point of view and focused on engineering products and services that are an answer to their daily challenges. As ultimately if it matters to them it matters to us.

5. Don´t forget to have fun

Was this year an enormous challenge for all of us? Yes! Did we struggle to find energy and motivation to carry on at times? Yes! Did we sometimes wonder when there would be finally light at the end of the pandemic tunnel? Yes! Did we ever stopped laughing? No!

Having fun together as a team despite the ongoing situation was definitely a silverlining. During our creative workshops, Team Happy Hours and (Virtual) Team Events there was always room for laughs and funny jokes. We are happy and proud to have build a team that holds up its positive spirit even during difficult times.

Cause you know if life give you lemons you make lemonade!

2020 has taught us to give lemons a big squeeze, mix it with a big spoon of optimism, swirl it up with patience, top it up with gratitude and add a dash of positive thinking to obtain a tasty lemonade throughout this year.

The entire DC team wishes you an exciting, prosperous and foremost healthy new year 2021!

Take care & hear you soon

PS: We´re curious! What were your “lemonade 2020” ingredients? Let us know in the comment section.

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