Digital Chameleon and Aligned AG team up to enhance digitalization within the MedTech industry

We are thrilled and excited to announce our collaboration with Aligned AG.

Aligned AG develops Aligned Elements - an ALM system for the creation of regulatory compliant development documentation for products in medical technology. Their clients are manufacturers, end customers or suppliers operating within the medical technology industry. This implicates that their respective projects are submitted to specific regulatory requirements. Aligned's scope is to facilitate an efficient and pragmatic approach to manage product and project documentation for regulatory compliant products. Their goal: Enabling the development team to focus on innovation, not administration. Thereby they want to remain closely connected to their customers' procedures in a spirit of partnership and thus to ensure the achievement of sustainable results.

A perfect match to serve the medical technology field

“Tanja Rohark (CEO & founder of Digital Chameleon) contacted me via LinkedIn and I was immediately interested to hear more about a potential collaboration between Digital Chameleon and Aligned”, remembers Anders Emmerich (CEO of Aligned).

During virtual coffee it became apparent that Digital Chameleon and Aligned not only share the proximity to each other by having their respective headquarters located in Basel and Zürich, but furthermore a common target client portfolio within the MedTech industry. A customer group which could benefit from a collaboration. Whereas Digital Chameleon focusses on an integration/digitalization services for med-tech clients, Aligned offers one dedicated tool for documentation management for MedTech companies. Combining these services / solutions results in a perfect match.

Why we partner up

“Within the past year we have been working on connecting our products & services in order to create one holistic digitalization journey for our clients. An end-to-end solution that factors in and captures Process excellence, People and Technology from a 360° perspective. The selection of adequate tools that are on the one hand in line with the digital maturity level of our client and on the other hand enable the achievement of the digital vision of our client for their unique digitalization journey is an essential key factor. By collaborating with experts and pioneers from related industries we can provide a digital transformation strategy that extends beyond the services of our own core business. I am happy and excited to partner up with Aligned and to have the possibility to integrate their Aligned Element documentation system in our digitalization strategies for our MedTech clients. Traceability, efficiency and regulatory compliance are essential components when it comes to excellent regulatory documentation and to me Aligned combines all these aspects in their solutions”, - says Tanja Rohark.

“I am extremely happy to team up with Digital Chameleon. Finally, a company who not only puts the quality process but also the tooling in centre of development when helping Medical Device manufacturers. Most Quality Consultancy companies still focus on paper-based approaches forgetting the big picture and letting the manufacturers focus on true innovation. Our common clients will receive a thorough guidance and support during the implementation of their digital processes from the Digital Chameleon team and using our highly specialized tools dedicated for the MedTech business”, - adds Anders Emmerich.

We are excited and looking forward to grow within this partnership and deliver jointly a customer experience that benefits from our combined expertise. A tremendous thanks to Anders Emmerich and the entire Aligned team. We can not wait to get started and create something bigger together!

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