Digital Chameleon and FrontWell Solutions pair up as partners

We are happy and proud to announce our partnership with FrontWell Solutions!

FrontWell Solutions is a globally operating consulting and project delivery firm supporting manufacturing digitalization and IT projects, with focal point on major pharmaceutical/chemical companies, MES vendors & system integrators.

Our CEO Tanja Rohark and Ardavan Heidari (Managing Partner – FrontWell Solutions) met at Fresenius while working jointly on a large IT-tranformation project, respectively acting as Validation and MES Lead. Years later, this encounter laid the foundation for a collaboration within FrontWell Solutions acts as expert in the field Technical Solution Delivery/Implementation whereas Digital Chameleon endorses the role as validation experts.

What unites FrontWell Solutions and Digital Chameleon?
Our vision to lead and revolutionize the digital transformations in complex regulated andcompliance driven industries.

Why do we partner up?
"By combining our respective missions to navigate customers through the complex regulatory environment in an innovative, disruptive and effective way and to design and implement manufacturing digitalization resulting in compliance, we both strive to unite our expertise in order to leverage our respective services and to create a unique customer experience", says Tanja Rohark. "Digital Chameleon's expertise combined with FrontWell Solutions' portfolio will result in a unique and comprehensive consulting package allowing customers to source from one single supplier. This will enable Digital Chameleon as well as FrontWell Solutions to deliver turn-key manufacturing-IT projects to customers operating in the GxP environment", adds Ardavan Heidari

We both firmly believe that aligning efforts, expertise and experience create synergies that originates a tremendous benefit for technology intensive industries, such as healthcare, to master and adapt to the rapid change in on the market. By complementing each other´s service portfolio we aim to broaden our service capacities and bring them to the next level.

We are excited and looking forward to grow this partnership and deliver products and services with combined excellence.

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