Digital Chameleon & Umbrella UX's mission: Compliant, customer centric & user-friendly solutions

We are proud to announce that we are extending our partner network with Umbrella UX as a strategic partner in the field of User Experience services. Read below what Umbrella UX is all about and why we respectively believe we can complement each other’s expertise and services in order to leverage the customer experience of our common client group.

Umbrella UX is a Swiss user experience agency supporting companies in developing innovative and meaningful products and services that meet their customers' needs and strengthen their business.

Their team of experienced designers and psychologists covers the entire spectrum of user experience services with its core competencies in various industries. They support their clients in innovation, research, conception, design and accompanying development.

Due to their long experience in MedTech companies they reliably implement their skills also in the regulated area. Umbrella UX design and document medical products safely and according to the given legal requirements (FDA, IEC 62366, MDR, IVDR, DiGA, CE):

  • Worldwide research online and offline

  • Creation of design systems

  • Creation of navigation and interaction concepts, as well as information architecture

  • Support in the definition of requirements

  • Accompanying the development

  • Identify and mitigate use-related risks

  • Demonstrate effectiveness by means of formative and summative evaluations (worldwide)

  • Create usability documentation for medical device approval

Why Umbrella UX and Digital Chameleon came together

The cooperation with DC means a promising combination of the strengths of two companies that are extremely experienced in the MedTech business. For us it is always interesting to join forces with strong partners who share the same mindset to tackle projects together. All regulatory requirements, e.g., those of the FDA or the MDR, provide clear guidelines regarding the implementation of User Experience. Therefore, it was clear to us from the very first second that a partnership with DC can only be beneficial for all parties involved and most importantly for our customers, says Corinne Maurer, UX Consultant & Co-Founder of Umbrella UX.

Within the complex regulatory field, it is of major importance to translate the regulatory requirements in a compliant but also applicable solution. At Digital Chameleon we want to create and implement solutions that are not only compliant but also constitute a true and real value to the people using and / or working on a day-to-day basis with these solutions. What draws us to be partnering up with Umbrella UX? Not only their well-founded expertise within the MedTech field but also their approach to not have a range of products or services to pick from as starting point but that the user or customer itself and his respective needs, goals and situation become the starting point to develop a suitable strategy and leaves room for innovation and creativity to perfectly address his request. Furthermore, we appreciate the fact that the Umbrella UX team all bring different perspectives (designers & psychologists) into play allowing us to shed light onto specific tasks from a different angle. This holistic and disruptive approach is exactly in line with our methodology we follow for client or internal projects. We are happy to have found a partner in Umbrella UX that shares a similar mindset and is willing to go that extra mile to come up with creative and innovative solutions that are customer centric, - says Tanja Rohark CEO & Founder of Digital Chameleon.

How can our customers benefit from this collaboration?

If you want to bring a medical product to market, two key factors for success are regulatory compliance and an excellent user experience with the highest usability. The implementation of these two points goes hand in hand in every development process. The partnership with DC offers companies these two points as a complete package and enables the most efficient and comprehensive implementation possible. The customer benefits from the many years of experience of both companies in the MedTech sector, which guarantees him a professional and safe market launch of his product.

Let’s take a look below use cases illustrating how the collaboration could be beneficial to our common clients:

In a market that is turning ever faster, time-to-market has become one of the most crucial factors for product success. At the same time, regulatory and legal requirements confront companies with challenges that contradict this necessity. We help companies with these challenges by supporting a time sensitive market launch with solutions that pair lean and holistic quality & compliance solutions. One of the hurdles still to be overcome is the internal loss of time due to a lack of acceptance within a team of a solution, which can be decisive for digitally supported products or processes. An example could be an approval process that has been digitized for a new or revised product (medicine or medical device), but which is not working or handled effectively due to poor implementation. Such a situation not only slows down the workflow, but also promotes that the entire process quickly loses its attractiveness. This almost always means that "shadow solutions" are used within a company, which not only lengthen the entire process, but in the worst case can lead to non-compliance situation. And here is where UX Design / Requirement analysis should come early into play. Umbrella UX make sure to loop in end user or a selected group of so called « change angels » into the process of creating a user friendly but yet end goal targeted solutions as early as possible This grant on the one hand to truly understand the potential challenges or pain points of the users and on the other hand to become an active “co-creator” that provides ideas and get a deep understanding of the solution. “Change angels” act with a double function: Not only do they actively take part in the UX design process, but they further act as « ambassador » within their own team being able to fully explain and train the remaining team on the newly implemented solutions. Involving the end users in the early stages and providing support beyond the implementation in form of quick guides, trainings or support hotlines is the key factor when it comes to generating enthusiasm versus avoidance in this specific situation.

Another use case could be a KMU in the MedTech sector that wants to bring a new diagnostic device onto the market. They might have heard of regulatory, FDA, etc., but they do not exactly know how this affects them and what they need to take care of in order to be compliant in this type of situation. Let’s assume Umbrella UX is engaged for the UX regulatory area by this KMUand within this collaboration Umbrella UX makes the customer aware of the fact that they need to establish a quality management, risk management etc. to comply with the regulations beyond the UX regulatory portion. And here is where Digital Chameleon would act as extension of the team by offering a full suite of regulatory requirement solutions enabling it to provide a full end-to-end solution when it comes to regulatory compliance and a secure product launch.

We are very happy to be executing projects in collaboration with Umbrella UX and

thereby providing a compliant complementing service package to our customers.

Thank you Umbrella UX for starting this exciting journey together!

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