KAPSLY AWARD 2021: Let's accelerate Digital Health together!

As announced last week our CEO & founder Tanja Rohark will take part in the jury of the KAPSLY Award 2021..

What is KAPSLY all about? KAPSLY is a Startup Marketplace providing fair & flexible payment terms. Their idea is to enable Startup's to grow without money by connecting them to selected professional service providers and allow a later payment in form of revenue or company shares. KAPSLY Service for Equity solution guarantees flexibility and fairness. It simultaneously combines startup funding and the establishment of valuable business partnerships.

Who stands behind KAPSLY? KAPSLY was founded by Vincent Irrling, Achim Rohn & Greg Evseev

Read more about their idea, journey and personal motivation to found KAPSLY in our quick 1:1 with Vincent:

  1. What was the origin / idea to found KAPSLY and what was your personal motivation to found this particular company?

My cofounders, Greg, Achim and I met at the EUvsVirus Hackathon and we all shared the idea to work for startups and receive equity as part of the compensation. We realised that a standardised solution could help all kinds of founders to accelerate their business growth. Once we found out how many service providers are interested in such a solution, we decided to start KAPSLY. I always had a passion for startups and was interested in venture capital. With KAPSLY I can basically combine both worlds and build a startup that helps other startups to grow.

2. Where do you see the biggest challenge in starting a Digital Health Startup?

At first I thought it would be ambitious to get CHF 50k in services together. Now we have over CHF 180k and a great selection of complementary services. I am quite amazed by what we can offer now. The main challenge is now to find the promising startups that will benefit from it the most.

3. Which benefits does the agile service agreement provide in comparison to

“classic” investor models?

The main benefit is the flexibility it provides while clearly defining the rules for the collaboration. Especially service-for-equity deals are often just handshake agreements or have fixed terms that don’t hold in the future. We allow the parties to get to know each other before they get in a long-term relationship. Nobody wants to get married on a first date.

Service partner voices - Why do you support the KAPSLY Award 2021?

Technological innovations are changing the healthcare industry rapidly and sustainably. We are probably at the beginning rather than the end of a rapid development. Therefore, at the KSB Health Innovation Hub, we want to actively address and drive this process of change. This is why we are looking to get to know great innovations applying to the Kapsly Award.

Maximilian Grimm - KSB Health Innovation Hub

Our common goal is: Leading to operational excellence in strategy, finance and sales

Stephan Schuh - Stephan Schuh Consulting

For OVHcloud we want to support innovative startups from tomorrow with our data sovereign solutions and play a pivotal part in the further development of the European healthcare ecosystem.

Ray Farid - OVHcloud

Fineac Treuhand has been supporting entrepreneurs and innovations for over 30 years. We are convinced that the KAPSLY Digital Health Award is an excellent platform for startups.

Kathrin Kühn - Fineac Treuhand Zug AG

Because we believe that there are still many innovative ideas for improving healthcare that need to be discovered and supported.

Armin Haas - Digital Health Port

As a modern and professional coworking space, we want to be home to a wide variety of startups in forward-looking industries. Digital health is one focus sector, along with other industries, that we unite in our community.

Emanuel Forny- Tessiner Platz

We as Digital Chameleon are very thrilled and excited to take part as jury member and function as service partner within the KAPSLY network. We believe that the innovative approach KAPSLY proposes when it comes to Service for Equity models creates true value to all parties involved and brings together the right people in order to establish partnerships that extend beyond classic startup funding.

Tanja Rohark - Digital Chameleon

You are Swiss Digital Health Startup or in the process of becoming one?

A service package worth over 100k would give your company the necessary boost to grow and expand rapidly?

Then make sure to apply as candidate for the



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