Our Headquarter @FlexOffice Basel

Why we decided do become Part of the FlexOffice Community

The future does not wait. The recent events over the past months showed many companies that their working models are not up to date and suitable for the modern working environment anymore. Thus, more and more companies are on the look out for new concepts, allowing their employees for more flexibility and thereby increased work efficiency. A perfectly adapted working environment is a decisive key factor in this exercise.

Our Digital Chameleon Team has recognized this need for adaption long time ago. The principle of agility is an essential and fundamental part of our company DNA and identity. Therefore, we decided to transfer our headquarter to the FlexOffice at Barfüsserplatz in Basel (Switzerland).

A represantive Headquarter At Digital Chameleon we are innovative and aim to convey exactly this spirit and message to the healthcare sector. As an international company we set our mission to revolutionize the quality management in the area of “Digital Health”.

We support our clients with the introduction and improvement of digital processes, starting with software, health applications up to digital platforms. Our philosophy implies an open mindset, diversity, and agility. To keep up to speed within this constantly expanding industry, a dynamic company culture is indispensable.

”Our philosophy implies an open mindset, diversity and agility. That is exactly why we took the decision to choose FlexOffice as location for our new headquarter" - Tanja Rohark, CEO & Founder

Agility is the key to success Today we count 7 employees located in Germany, Spain and in Switzerland. And our company keeps growing in a remarkable fast pace.

"Being a modern and international company, we highly value the fact that our employees have the possibility to decide when and where they accomplish their work goals. Whenever we come together in one and the same place, we need a perfectly suited working environment providing all necessary requirements to maximize the outcome of our meetings" - Tanja Rohark, CEO & Founder

The functional and inspiring spaces provided by FlexOffice fit perfectly to these requirements. On one hand the large choice of conference rooms, activity zones and lounges, encourages the exchange and collaboration between coworkers and on the other hand the office space can easily be adapted to the respective needs of each individual situation.

Future vision

„But we do not only appreciate FlexOffice for their outstanding infrastructure. The community here is unique - we do feel absolutely comfortable and at home here @ FlexOffice.” - Susanne Moll, Head of Brand & Culture

This is one of the reasons why we made the decision to hold our Summer Team event in the FlexOffice facilities. During the 2 days event numerous workshops were given aiming to further develop the future company vision and to let creativity flow to develop new and attractive products and services. Furthermore, common activities were hold in the lounge areas as well as a City Tour in Basel conducive to reinforce the team spirit. The event was a great success. In the upcoming months we are planning to expand our core business as well as launching an ambitious marketing strategy.

But this is far from being all.

We were so delighted of the spaces and possibilities offered by FlexOffice, that we are already planning another event in the sector “Digital Health” in autumn 2020.

“Within the past weeks we got the opportunity to establish great connections with numerous companies from the FlexOffice Community and have even started to work jointly on future concepts. We are absolutely looking forward to continue this journey and truly can recommend every company to join the FlexOffice community!“ - Tanja Rohark, CEO & Founder

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