Regulatory Compliance, Supply Chain, Quality & Relationship Management in a one team approach

Digital Chameleon and Xagonal pair up to combine their respective expertise in a single source solution.

We are happy to announce that we have found an excellent partner in Xagonal to extend our network with highly skilled experts in the domain of supply chain and relationship management.

In our fast-paced world and industry the selection of a right partner and supplier network at your side, as well as maintaining long term trustful relationships are essential key factors for a business' success and sustainability.

Xagonal, a private specialist consultancy and professional services company, focusses on the life sciences, with a single mission: to deliver World Class Relationships for their clients. They partner with their clients, their respective suppliers, or respective customers to build the most robust supply chain by creating sustainable long-term relationships, tackling current issues whilst future proofing in alignment with their client´s business strategy.

For pharma companies looking to develop or improve their external manufacturing performance, Xagonal can implement a bespoke, World Class and industry leading external supply organization to manage their complex CDMO network, deliver improved Quality and OTIF performance, making them the customer of choice.[SE1]

For service providers (CDMO's, CRO’s) Xagonal has tailored customer facing solutions to ensure their customers and potential customers are engaged with their team from the get-go, building strong relationships based on enhancing their customer experience and providing a differentiated service to that of their competitors. This results in increased win rates and repeat business.

Xagonal´s experienced team has a background in procurement, from the smallest dynamic CDMO's to the largest pharma companies and they can provide a full range of services, tools and processes to support your procurement vision, from undertaking specific sourcing events to completing full Procurement Transformation programs. Furthermore, they can also support with their client´s acquisition or divestment portfolio, from due diligence, through contract negotiation to full transition program management and systems integration.

Motivation to collaborate.

Over the past years the life sciences sector has experienced a further increase in the importance of the digital mindset and the increased introduction of transformative technologies. While traditional investment vehicles such as mergers & acquisitions get a narrower focus, external innovations in the context of innovative and creative partnerships with new market participants and non-traditional players can lead to meaningful change.

“The digital age simultaneously requires more transparency and openness, as well as real relationship-oriented partnerships between all those involved in the sector - patients, interest groups and regulators - but also the outsourcing providers who are important for the supply chain. Data is becoming the driving force behind new business models and is critical to align all parties involved. Streamlining processes and aligning between various parties while maintaining a 360° view ranging from quality, business process excellence, regulatory compliance and other relevant aspects? I firmly believe that expert clusters providing high skilled expertise in their respective field are the answer to that challenge. By collaborating with Xagonal I see a prefect symbiosis between a quality management & regulatory compliance focused approach and the leverage of business process excellence by enhanced supply chain, relation management and procurement processes. I am very excited to roll out this vision jointly with Mark and his team and provide an outstanding customer experience to our common clients”, - says Tanja Rohark CEO of Digital Chameleon.

“As our industry seeks and continues to find next-generation medicines, there is a dilution of knowing ‘what good looks like!’ in several key areas. Big Pharma continues to divest its underutilized facilities and there is a proliferation of virtual Biotech startups, resulting in an increasing reliance on the suppliers a company chooses. Ultimately, success will be defined by the quality and reliability of a company’s suppliers.

What is needed for each company is a global supply organization to manage this complexity and to ensure it is aligned with their goals and objectives. That is where we see the collaboration with Digital Chameleon working so well. By being able to provide a comprehensive suite of services covering procurement, supply chain, relationship management, quality management and regulatory compliance, and having a one-team approach, we are able to provide holistic and strategic solutions to structure the company’s operations for well into the future”, - says Mark Owen, CEO of Xagonal.

We are excited and looking forward to share, exchange and develop jointly new ideas and approaches within our partnership leading to a unique experience for our customers. A big thank you to Mark Owen and the entire Xagonal team for trusting and believing in Digital Chameleon as their partner. We could not be happier to have you as such strong partner at our side.

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