The Bangles once sung "it's just a another manic Monday" 🎵 - but who says Mondays can't be happy day

Here a few thoughts to set the right tone for your Monday:

1️⃣ Take the time to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea and do not rush into the new week.

The good thing about Mondays is that you still have the entire week ahead of you to achieve your goals and targets.

2️⃣ Make Mondays your strategic ally - What do want to achieve this week? Which are the milestones to successfully reach these goals? If you allow for some time to answer these questions on Monday you will most likely use the rest of the week more effectively rather than rushing into this new week with a cloud of thousands to do's in your head.

3️⃣ And lastly replace the "grumpy Monday morning" mood with a smile. Not only will enhance your positive attitude towards this week but also motivate your coworkers. Can you stay grumpy if your colleague fetches you a coffee and pass it on to you with a big smile and wishes you HAPPY MONDAY? You most likely can't ;)

- Have a great week -

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