Service Excellence

We are driven by our unique and agile  approach to problem solving, to adding value to every aspect of our client´s operations.

Our aim is to lead our clients to succesS.


CEO & Founder
Digital Health Solution Specialist
IT Technologies Healthcare, IT Security Officer

Tanja Rohark

Consultant Quality & Compliance
Expert Quality  Management System


Consultant Quality & Compliance
Expert CSV & Data Integrity

AnuRADHA Kishore

Consultant Quality & Compliance
Expert Quality & Process Management
Scrum & SaFe Coach

Martina Görtz


[Our team aligns medical technology experts, biotechnologists, IT experts, pharmacists and usability/UX/Human Centered Design Engineers, resulting in an unique approach within the digital healthcare environment.
We are Digital Disruptive when it comes to monitoring Quality & Technology, by combining best practices and proven methods from the field of quality management and digitalization - Agile, Scrum, Design Thinking, UX]