Skribble and Digital Chameleon form a strategic partnership

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The e-signing provider Skribble and the digital transformation specialists Digital Chameleon are teaming up to simplify digitalization in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

News report Zurich / Basel - Companies from the pharmaceutical and health sector work with highly sensitive data. In order to ensure their protection, all service providers involved must undergo a detailed security check. This is required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US agency which, among other domains, is responsible for the market surveillance of food, drugs and medical products.

The implementation of such requirements must not become a brake on digitalization, say Skribble and Digital Chameleon. The provider of electronic signatures and the specialists for digitalization in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are pairing up to form a strategic partnership to simplify digitization in this highly regulated environment.

The focus is on the switch from the handwritten signature to the electronic signature: Skribble delivers the e-signature solution optimized for data protection, Digital Chameleon supports clients carrying out the required audits and with implementing the appropriate solution

Philipp Dick, CEO and co founder of Skribble (Source: Skribble)

Philipp Dick, CEO and co-founder of Skribble, says: "By working with Digital Chameleon, we can supply the industry with all the necessary components from a single source. This simplifies tremendously the transition for companies. The healthcare industry can benefit more quickly from cost savings that paperless processes entail."

Tanja Rohark, CEO and founder of Digital Chameleon (Source: Digital Chameleon)

Tanja Rohark, CEO and founder of Digital Chameleon says: "Expert clusters allow to exchange specialist knowledge and create synergies - for technology-intensive industries such as the healthcare sector this is the best way to master and use effectively the rapid changes in the market. They accelerate the development of innovative products and services, which ultimately offers a benefit to our customers. We look forward to the collaboration with Skribble and to exciting common projects."

About Skribble:

The TrustTech company Skribble, founded in March 2018, is a Swiss provider of electronic signatures with offices in Zurich (CH) and Karlsruhe (DE). As a one-stop shop for electronic signing, Skribble supplies the legally appropriate electronic signature for every type of contract. The basis is formed by legally regulated standards, including the qualified electronic signature (QES) - the only form of electronic signature that is equivalent to a handwritten signature by law.

About Digital Chameleon:

Digital Chameleon is an owner-managed strategy consultancy for digital transformation in healthcare and life science. Digital Chameleon supports its customers with an experienced and competent Quality & Compliance team, consisting of various experts from Pharma, BioTech and MedTech (bio-technologists, pharmacists, pharmacists, medical technologists, information technologists, UX / usability & requirement engineers).

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